6 Ways to Make Social Media Marketing Work For You

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Does your social media marketing strategy work for you? Here I have provided 6 actionable recommendations on how you can easily spruce up the content posted to your various social media channels.

Be Entertaining

Creative opportunities abound to provide entertaining content. Despite all the creative content that already exists on the internet, users demand more. Think Podcasts, Radio, YouTube or Vimeo videos. Think of ways you can introduce humor through Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, or Vine. Click here and here to find more ideas to include entertaining content on your social media platforms.

Be Inspirational

Engaging, thought-provoking, and spiritually motivated content inspire prospects to a call-to-action or to perform some other action that provides benefit. Consider taking in a few TED Talks to inspire thoughtful, inspirational, and contemporary messages. Do you need more inspiration? Check out these 15 inspirational resources to help refresh and resurrect an ailing brand.

Be Shareable

Post content that users will find it irresistible to share with their followers and friends. When visitors share your content, that equates to more traffic, which translates to more sales. Regardless of whether the content is in the form of a Facebook post, an Instagram, or a Tweet linking Twitter followers to live video, one of the single strongest benefits to posting shareable content is the immediate possibility of an increased reach and exposure.  

During Super Bowl LI, some sponsors produced and aired commercials that comprised some political nuance that was not easy to miss. 84 lumber took advantage of the current political volatility and produced a revised version of a 90-second commercial that showed the journey of a family emigrating from Mexico. 

Be Scannable

Present content that is easy on the eyes. Aim for shorter headlines. Use images to graphically display and separate lengthy portions of text. Use sub-headings that quickly explain to the reader what is to follow. Use bullets and numbering when a direct narrative would appear complex. Visitors perusing your content can quickly determine if you are someone who they desire to do more business with.

Compose Great Eye-Catching Headlines

For many social media marketers, the headline is the most important part of your content. If the headline does not catch anyone’s attention, they will just pass you by, irrespective of how important your content is to the world. Writing great headlines is the expressing of all-inclusive concepts or facts in one bite-sized succinct and understandable distinct group of words. Sometimes a headline will not materialize until after the content is composed. But be careful that your content remains faithful to the headline. Nothing worse than reading a headline proclaiming the Chinese New Year as a time of great celebration and then digress your content into morose bits and pieces of the effects of American pop culture on social media. The two subjects have nothing to do with each other and writers would be hard-pressed to find a common bond. Remain true to the headline. Make headlines as specific as possible in as few words as possible. Think, subject-verb relationships, like Truckers Strike, Patriots Win, or Warriors Win. Now, to be certain, more words could be added to each of the three examples but any one of them could stand alone.

Be Compatible 

Google algorithms have included mobile devices in their search protocol. In 2014, the global usage of mobile apps for social media began to outnumber desktop users. Social media marketers who want to stay in the game, are going to need to learn how to take advantage of this relatively new opportunity to get their brand in front of people. Learn more here

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