4 Social Media Marketing Missteps You Need To Avoid

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Businesses looking for marketing solutions in today's technological age cannot help but see the potential for success in social media. Creating an account is free, and every time you make a post it has the potential to go viral. There's no downside!

While this is technically true, social media marketing success doesn't happen by accident. Much like the other "overnight successes" you hear about, it takes a great deal of hard work, a lot of preparation, and just the right confluence of events to become a widely known persona on social media. Since the road is already long and hard, though, don't make the climb any more arduous than it has to be by avoiding the following mistakes.

1) Ignoring the Numbers

Social media sites provide simple ways to track your posts, and their impact. At a glance you can see how many likes and shares a post has, in addition to how many comments have been made. Social media sites also allow you to track your reach, in many cases, giving you an idea of just how far the ripples on a post went. In many instances, social media sites will even give you weekly updates, and charts showing what your traffic figures and impact look like.

These numbers are the lifeblood of your campaign. They show you what your results are, and you need to interpret them. Even if your workshopped pitches and carefully crafted posts should work, in theory, there's no guarantee that they will work once they're in the market place. Everything from time of day, to subject matter, to format can influence how a post is received, but your metrics should guide your future efforts.

2) Ignoring Your Audience

Social media isn't just a wall you go to post your latest ads on like a billboard. It's an organic meeting place where you interact with people as groups, as well as on an individual basis. So don't just get up on your soap box and make post after post like you were a commercial; interact with people. Ask questions, listen to answers, and toss out some small talk every now and again. This makes your online persona more personable, and more human, which makes it a lot more likely to get more interaction.

Views, likes, and shares are good, but interaction is something that can be even better. Interaction is what turns people from viewers into followers.

3) Shotgun, Over Sharpshooting

How many times have you come across a post that has so many keywords and hashtags that it's impossible to tell what it's actually about? Was your reaction to immediately click-through out of curiosity, or to keep on scrolling?

Probably that second one, right?

When you attach search terms to your post, you're trying to make it more visible to the niche audience that it's geared toward. If you saturate it with keywords in an attempt to make it appeal to everyone, then it's something which will be ignored by most of that potential audience. Better to successfully target a niche audience, than to spread so wide, that you don't hit any targets.

4) Long Stretches of Silence

Posting too often can get you tuned-out by your prospective audience, but being quiet can make them abandon you entirely. Establish a regular posting schedule, and stick by it. This will keep your readers in the loop, and they'll check back on your page according to your schedule. That's just what you want; your followers coming back for more.

These are just a few of the mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to building a successful social media marketing campaign. For more advice, as well as help, simply contact us today!