5 Ways Act! Software Enhances Businesses' Marketing Campaigns

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A Microsoft Certified Application Developer and Act! Certified Consultant specializing in Design, Development, and Analysis of business operations assisting companies in implementing software packages that fit a company's needs. With extensive experience in the full cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance, Joe has spent the last 12 years helping business owners grow their business by improving their sales and manufacturing/distribution processes. You can find more about Joe at SystemsNet.

The importance of a business's email list cannot be understated, and should be used as effectively as possible in their marketing campaigns. Effective email and call marketing campaigns are key to business growth and increased sales, therefor, businesses should prioritize these essential marketing tools. For tips to make this happen, here are 5 ways Act! software enhances businesses' marketing campaigns.

#1. Central Platform to Organize and Manage Contacts:

The first step for businesses to take, in order to enhance their email and/or call marketing campaigns is to organize their contacts for optimal management. Act! CRM software has well-designed features to facilitate the consolidation of a business's contacts in one central place, so they can be optimally managed. For instance, contacts can be imported from spreadsheets, Google™, or iCloud®.

From the Act! platform (either in the cloud or on-premise), businesses can edit, take notes, quickly segment lists and groups, and view a complete history of all interactions with each contact. With a central dashboard interface, designed specifically for contact management, businesses will now have the ability to organize and manage their contacts with optimal effectiveness.

#2. Send Custom Email Marketing Campaigns to Target Audiences:

Now that businesses have their contacts consolidated, segmented into targeted groups, and updated, they can now use Act! to develop professional looking email marketing campaigns for target audiences. Enhancing email marketing campaigns is the bread and butter of Act! CRM software; with features such as: drag and drop template editor, lead capture form and media integration, and custom template import – businesses have effective and easy to use tools for their email marketing campaigns.

For instance, businesses can identify hot leads within their contact list (with Act! business insights) and send them product/service-specific marketing information, while sending other contacts a more general marketing message. Email marketing campaigns are more effective when sent to the right people, and Act! makes this simple and quick to facilitate with easy to use features.

#3. Cloud and Mobile Computing Accessibility:

Act! CRM software can be used as an on-premise solution or as a cloud based SaaS. With the SaaS version, businesses gain free updates and the remote accessibility cloud and mobile computing brings. For some businesses with remote workers, traveling sales teams, etc. – having remote accessibility is imperative, while for others it simply enhances their day-to-day workflow capabilities. Being able to manage: contacts, email campaigns, and other Act! features remotely (from home or on the road) and with any device at any time, is a major enhancement for business productively.

#4. Analyze and Track Performance of Campaigns:

Act! has the BI tools needed to analyze and measure the performance of email and call marketing campaigns. Businesses will gain detailed insights with: standard reports (over 40 pre-configured reports to choose from), custom reports (using report designer with export tools), and key dashboard metric indicators for individual, team, and company performance. Businesses can manage and gain insights into specific areas of their marketing campaigns, by viewing metrics for: lead management, sales processes, sales pipeline metrics, and more.

#5. Intelligent Call Lists:

This is another amazing feature Act! offers businesses to enhance their marketing campaigns. With the Intelligent Call Lists feature, businesses can see how contacts responded to their email marketing campaigns, such as: open rates, clicks, bounces, opt-outs and more – all neatly presented in graphs and detailed reports. This information can then be saved to each contact's history, so future communications reflects their interest.

This feature helps businesses understand which contacts to prioritize on their call lists, by ranking each contact according to their interest level. Businesses can create targeted call lists according to updated and actionable intelligence; the hottest leads can be consolidated and managed into Call Lists, combining email and call intelligence for effective marketing campaigns. Also, Act! CRM software integrates seamlessly with VoIP telephony for easy click to call accessibility.


These 5 ways Act! software enhances businesses' marketing campaigns show why it's the #1 CRM solution in the industry; two other main reasons are: its affordability and ease of use, which combine to make this a dynamic marketing solution for both small and large businesses. Indeed, Act! software gives businesses the essential tools needed to: organize and manage contacts, develop and manage effective email and call marketing campaigns, and see the results with powerful BI tools.

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