Top 5 Ways Act! Outperforms Outlook for Contact Management

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This month on the blog we are sharing tips to help set you up for success in the New Year. Last week we explained the importance of investing in social analytics tools to ensure you get the most out of your social media marketing in 2017. Investing in the right tools can help you optimize other areas of your business as well. Maybe you’re just getting started and you don’t think you need a contact management tool yet, or you think you’re happy with just using Outlook. Here are the top 5 ways Act! outperforms Outlook:

1. Get a complete view of your customer interactions in an instant

While Outlook is an effective solution for sending business emails, keeping basic contact details, and managing meetings, all that information lives in silos— contacts separate from emails separate from your calendar. Because of this, there’s no quick, easy way to get a complete picture of your relationship with a given contact. In Act!, all these details live in a single view—the Contact Record, so when a customer calls, you have instant access to things like the last time you connected, notes you took at that time, upcoming meetings or activities, a quote you sent using Outlook email, and so much more.

2. Organize and automatically update groups of related contacts

 It’s true that Outlook lets you create groups of related contacts, but Act! goes beyond creating distribution lists. In Act!, you can create Dynamic Groups where you define criteria and have contacts automatically added/removed based on whether field data on their record matches the group criteria defined. Use Dynamic Groups to help you fill in the blanks on contact records that are missing valuable info or send targeted campaigns to customers in a specific zip code.

3. Do so much more than basic calendar and activity management

Yes you can manage activities in Outlook, but with Act! you’re able to do so much more than add a task or calendar event. Create custom activity types for better time tracking, schedule an activity series to automate redundant tasks, and even setup Smart Tasks, which are like workflow, for automated emarketing. Once you complete and clear your activities in Act!, you get a history of how you spent your time with a given contact.

4. Create, send, and track impactful email marketing campaigns

Outlook is not suited for email marketing—you have limited sending capacity, design restrictions, no real results tracking, and risk of being blacklisted. With Act! you get powerful emarketing built right into Act! so you can create eye-catching, mobile-friendly email campaigns using a template library or Template Editor, send targeted campaigns to Act! Contacts/Groups/Lookups, capture leads with Web forms, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns with reports that show opens, clicks, and bounces. Our dedicated deliverability team manages sender reputation to ensure your emails are sent with outstanding delivery rates.

5. Manage sales opportunities and gauge business performance

This is simply not possible with Outlook. With Act!, you can manage sales opportunities through a simple, out-of-the-box sales process, or personalize your own process to fit your business. Keep detailed progress notes and see the probability of close for each opportunity. Analyze the health of your pipeline and assess critical business metrics using 40+ pre-configured reports, custom reports, or graphical dashboards.

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