A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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President and founder of Training Solutions, Cindy Kool is a software training veteran since 1990. As an Act! Certified Consultant, Premier Trainer and Platinum Partner Cindy believes in providing the best customer experience possible delivering one-on-one instruction, large group training, customizing databases, mobile solutions, system deployment and integrating Act! with other software. You can learn more about Cindy and Training Solutions by visiting www.TrainingSolutionsInc.com

I don't have to tell you...you already know it. Nothing drives sales better than knowing (and remembering) as much as possible about your customer.

It’s a huge benefit for you and everyone else in your company to see what a customer looks like before a meeting or phone call...whether it’s for the first time or a follow-up.

Just a little customer snapshot can trigger all kinds of detailed information stored in your brain. More details than a CRM database could ever hold!

There’s a neat little feature in your Act! database that allows you to do just that when you create a photo field.

"Wow! This is pretty easy to use. I've already added several pictures. We really like this feature!" - Julie Greer, Registered ParaplannerSM with Compass Financial Services

Simply follow the easy step-by-step process in this two minute tutorial:
How to Add a Photo Field to Your Act! Database

With just a couple quick clicks you can add pictures of your contacts to use as a reference before a call or visit! It's a great tool to help drive sales for you and for everyone in your company who may need to connect with the same person.

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