How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing in 2017

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According to a report by DMA, social media is still in its infancy – with 70% of businesses not collecting data from social media channels. What does that mean for you? It means that the potential opportunity that social media presents is great. It also means that you’re not behind if you aren’t as social media savvy as you think you should be or if you’re not already utilizing social media to its maximum potential.

I’m here to tell you the two most important things you need to do in order to get the most out of social media marketing in the New Year.

First, expand your social budget. Expanding your budget will allow you to create specific content for social posts that are engaging, interactive and informative to generate awareness and reinforce the value your business has to offer your prospects and customers.

Each social platform has a different audience that expects a unique type of engagement – it is important to be mindful of this and create custom content for each channel including copy, graphics, photos, etc.

You should also consider allocating additional budget towards sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Sponsored posts will help you reach the right audience, promote engagement, generate website traffic and increase your following.

Next, invest in social analytics tools and don’t forget to use them. In order to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts and to identify optimization opportunities – you’ll want to utilize social analytic tools.

These tools will allow you to analyze metrics like engagement rate, follower count, and conversion rate. They can also help you measure the effectiveness of your content by identifying your best performing posts. In addition, tools are great for identifying and tracking trending hashtags, keywords, URLS, and top stories within your industry.

You’ll be happy to know that when I said you need to invest in social analytics tools – I didn’t necessarily mean you would have to spend the big bucks. There are many social media analytics tools that have free versions. However, there usually is some cost associated with more robust reporting capabilities.

The bottom line is, there is so much potential when it comes to social media because it’s still an underutilized platform for businesses. Invest in creating engaging content and tools now, and reap the benefits of loyal customers for years to come.