Tips to Bring an Email Marketing Campaign Back to Life

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Contrary to what some started voicing years ago, email marketing is not dead. In fact, it's a favorite marketing channel among businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

According to a CMS Wire article, the reason email marketing is still so popular is because of its effectiveness: 

"Not only is email not dead, but it has been cited time and again as the dominant channel, often considered the single most effective means for driving awareness and achieving conversion and retention goals."

With all that being said, email marketing has changed drastically over the past few years. To update your campaigns and make them more dynamic, follow these simple tips:

Let subscribers opt-in

There's just no point in sending emails to subscribers that don't want them. You're not going to convince them to buy your product and you're more than likely going to frustrate them. Plus, sending those additional emails costs you money. 

Moreover, if you keep sending emails to uninterested subscribers, they'll start labeling them as spam. Email service providers will then keep an extra close eye on your marketing emails. 

The moral of the story is to let your subscribers opt-in. They're happy because they're receiving emails that they asked for and you're happy because your emails are likely having a positive effect on your bottom line.

Use responsive email design

One of the major ways email marketing has changed is the new emphasis on mobile devices. When you design emails, you should think mobile-first. 

If you use responsive email design, you won't have to worry about which devices your subscribers use. Like a responsive website, such emails will adapt to whatever screen they're being accessed from. 

Send more personalized emails to your target audience

And finally, you shouldn't send one general email out to your entire subscriber list. An email that's written for everyone is really written for no one. 

Anyone who's received emails from Amazon knows what personalized messages are. Try to send messages that reflect each subscriber's behavior, preferences, and tastes – this is made easier if you are utilizing some sort of CRM to keep notes on previous interactions and past purchases.

If you're main goal is a good ROI, then look no further than email marketing. Having a good email marketing platform can help you create effective and engaging email campaigns. Learn more about how Act! emarketing can you help you do just that.

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