4 More Email Marketing Tips

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You may have noticed that we are sharing tons of email marketing tips on the blog this month. If you’re new to email marketing, check out our Beginner’s Guide here. If you think you’ve found your groove, here are four more tips to help you maximize your efforts.

In today's business world, gaining the potential buyer's attention is the key to success. If they don't know you, and what you are about, you may as well hand the sale over to your competitor. 

A key tool to use to stay in the game is email marketing. However, simply writing up an email and sending it out to a list just won't cut it. Email marketing requires as much or more strategic thought and planning than any other marketing or sales process. 

Don't get discouraged! You need to take some time to plan your email marketing campaign, but it's not difficult or impossible to create a successful campaign that shows strong ROI. 

Here are 4 email marketing tips to maximize your email campaigns.

Burn some brainpower on the title.  

The title of an email is going to be the deciding factor on whether it gets opened or rots in the 'deleted' folder. Figure out what appeals to your customer. What words strongly convey your message? What value will they perceive they will get if they open your email?

In addition, make certain your title is under 75 characters at the MOST. A long title loses the oomph of excitement.

Also avoid 'spammy' words like Free and Limited Time. Spam filters are getting smarter at weeding out advertisements, and the last thing we want is for your emails to not even be seen by the recipient. 

A good rule of thumb on the title is to create one the person can read and digest in 3 seconds. 

Deliver what the title promises. 

Don't use a 'too good to be true' title just to get a prospect to open your email. Chock the email full of information that is valuable to the reader. Include informative information like eBooks or whitepapers that will entice them to click through to read. 

Keep it simple.

Lay the email out in an easy to read format. Don't add fluff and veer away from writing in paragraph form, if you can. Say it succinctly in bullet points and short phrases, utilizing bold text to convey the main points. It is unlikely that readers will wade through lines of text to figure out the point.

Analyze and repeat. 

Email marketing is not a set it and forget it plan. Closely review your open rate and click through rate. Compare emails sent at different times on various days. Pinpoint the type of content your prospect finds valuable and create more of it. Constantly evolve your process.

Follow these email marketing tips to ensure your company gets the most bang for their buck on your campaign endeavors. Your bottom line will thank you for it!

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