Email Marketing Tips: Think Mobile First

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When it comes to email marketing, is it better to focus on mobile users or desktop users? This question has followed marketers around for years, and there's never been a definite answer.

This isn't all that surprising. For one, email marketing has been around for years. Businesses have been sending marketing emails long before Apple invented the iPhone. At that time, this question wasn't relevant. Businesses assumed that they had to optimize emails for desktops and laptops. 

However, when smartphones became more popular, things started changing. People started reading more and more emails on their mobile phones. And then came the tablets, which just complicated things further. 

Now, we're seeing mobile devices becoming more important than desktops in terms of email marketing strategy. When you send marketing emails out to subscribers, you should assume that they'll open it on a smartphone or tablet. 

This Forbes article talks about the importance of mobile email marketing. According to the article, leading marketers place a priority on mobile when writing and designing emails:

"At one time, technologists might have recommended you deploy a regular email and offer a mobile-friendly option through a clickable link. Today’s savvy email marketers are thinking mobile first. Software can help you control the layout of your email, making sure your text and images fit within the space of the user’s screen."

Does this mean that your business should immediately change its email marketing strategy? Of course not. Whether you should send mobile or desktop emails entirely depends on your target market. 

If your target market includes a younger demographic, then you should absolutely send mobile emails, if you're not doing so already. But if you target an older demographic, you'll probably want to send out hybrid emails, which can be viewed from either a desktop or smartphone. 

Just a few years ago, almost all businesses optimized their emails for desktops. In a few years, we're not sure if anyone will be doing that.

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