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Increasingly, businesses are moving toward an inbound marketing approach in which lead generation is of the utmost importance. The thinking is simple: if you can get contacts into your database, you can reach them in a more efficient and targeted fashion in order to maximize your marketing success and grow your business.

Given this increasing emphasis on inbound marketing, Customer Relationship Management solutions like Act! contact management software have risen in popularity. But of course, a CRM like Act! can only be successful if you have a strategy in place that allows you to systematically and efficiently reach out to current contacts and slowly nudge them toward becoming customers. Enter lead nurturing.

Lead Nurturing Defined

Lead nurturing, in short, describes the concept of reaching out to your current contacts on a regular basis in order to slowly drive them down the sales funnel and encourage them to become customers. This concept tends to be executed through an automated email sequence that focuses on enhancing your thought leadership and credibility first, and slowly becomes more promotional over time.

Here's how Techopedia explains lead nurturing:
Lead nurturing may simply be an occasional email letting the client know about updates to a product or service, changes in price and so on. More complex lead nurturing campaigns involve educating the client in the advantages of a particular product or service and designing personalized pitches to encourage the client to buy sooner rather than later.

Understanding the Success of Lead Nurturing

You may not be surprised to hear this, but the concept of lead nurturing works. Time and again, studies have shown just how successful engaging with your leads are.

Annuitas Group, for example, found that companies who engage in lead nurturing experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. The same study also found that a nurtured lead makes 47% larger purchases than a customer who never received nurturing emails. A wealth of other statistics support the same premise.

If you think about the lead nurturing concept, these statistics make perfect sense. When a contact enters your database, they are not likely to be ready to actually purchase your product. More likely, they simply wanted to learn a bit more about your company. Sending regular, automated messages to them about both the industry and your products allows you to keep your brand in their minds, so that by the time they're ready to buy, they will think of your business first.

Integrating Lead Nurturing Into Your Act! CRM

Finally, it's important to consider the success potential of lead nurturing as it relates to the effort you put into it. Naturally, a marketing effort that would require significant resources is may not bring considerable ROI, even if it does result in an increase in sales. Fortunately, lead nurturing is possible through little more than an effective CRM.

Act! Contact Management Software, for example, includes integrated email marketing capabilities that lend themselves perfectly to companies looking to take advantage of lead nurturing. Simply set up an automated campaign that kicks off when a contact enters your database, using emails designed through the integrated template editor. Then, watch your prospects' actions as they open and click on your nurturing emails. If they show sustained activity, they may be ready to buy.

Of course, lead nurturing requires a strategy. You need to make sure that you don't spam your contacts; instead, plan out exactly when you want to send what emails in order to speak to your leads. Then, monitor the success of each email to determine if adjustments need to be made.

Do you need help in setting up a strategy that allows you to efficiently and successfully reach out to the contacts in your database? How about designing beautiful emails that will speak to your audience and encourage them to convert to customers? We'd love to help with anything related to Act! Contact Management.

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