Good Follow-up Leads to Happy Customers

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As an Act! Certified Consultant and Premier Trainer, Louise Wiedermann helps her customers create a system to build relationships with customer and prospects, track sales activities and forecast opportunities. Through implementation, customization, training and support, she helps her customers get organized, save time and become more profitable. You can find out more about Louise at

Waiting in line for coffee the other day, I overhead two businesswomen talking. Woman #1 was telling Woman #2 that the sorting machine they had purchased was running well, and the company from whom they had purchased had called to check in at least three times in the past two weeks. She was so surprised and pleased they were ensuring ‘all was well’.

How often do you follow up with your customers about a purchase, or to see how their purchase is working out? If you are not doing so, then you are missing an opportunity to both receive feedback (did you do a good job?), and an opportunity to upsell (does the customer need something else?).

Fortunately, the key piece to making this work for you or your company is as simple as remembering to do the follow up. But, if you’re just relying on your memory, it’s probably not enough. You need a system, and that system is your Act! database.

Let’s go through a typical scenario. Customer “Alicia” has just purchased a storage system from you. The order has been processed, and a ship date has been set. Now, there are several things that need to be communicated in sequence to the customer throughout the duration of your sales interaction.


  1. 1. Send an email to (or call) the customer notifying them of the ship date.
  2. 2. Once the ship date has passed, contact the customer to confirm receipt of the shipment. Did she have any questions? Did the delivery go as outlined?
  3. 3. After two weeks, check back with Alicia to see how the installation of the storage system went. Does it meet her expectations? If not, what is the cause of the unmet expectation?
  4. 4. Add Alicia to any appropriate or relevant email marketing groups.
  5. 5. One month later, call Alicia and ask for feedback. Was there anything else you could help her with at this time?
  6. 6. Set a reminder to contact Alicia again in six months. She is now a good customer.

That’s a big list, and lot of effort. Can we make that easier? You bet. Act! has a tool called an Activity Series. Each of those numbered steps above can be created as an Activity Series Template. To start, create a template of the steps (activities), in order, based on a starting date. An example is shown below:

Each time you have a new customer, choose to schedule that particular Activity Series Template. All six items will be scheduled as activities in your Act! database, relative to today’s date. View them in your Calendar, Task List, or on the Activity tab for the contact. No need to rely upon your memory with a system like this one!

When it’s time for each activity, your Act! database will remind you of what needs to be done. Those reminders will lead to good follow up, which will lead to happy customers!

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