5 Ways Act! Premium CRM Software Improves Contact Management

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Joe Keesey is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and Act! Certified Consultant specializing in Design, Development, and Analysis of business operations assisting companies in implementing software packages that fir a company's needs. With extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, prototyping, proof of concept, design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance, Joe has spent the last 12 years helping business owners grow their business by improving their sales and manufacturing / distribution process.  You can find more about Joe at www.LinkedIn.com/SystemsNet

All business owners know how important being organized is for success. Being prepared makes difficult work seem smooth and easy, which makes space for growth and strategy. As an Act! Certified Consultant, SystemsNet believes in the quality of this leading CRM software. In order to help you believe too, here are 5 ways Act! Premium CRM improves customer and contact management:

  1. Tailored Marketing / Consolidated Contacts
  2. Act! Connect Integration Platform
  3. Remembering Tasks and Duties
  4. Business Insights
  5. Collaboration

Size Tailored Marketing / Consolidated Contacts
CRM software, essentially, is the virtual organizational business planner. In the physical, this planner comes in the form of a black book with business contact information and a calendar for day-today tasks and duties.

Act! CRM software gives its users the ability to consolidate their contacts online in a central and secure location. Then, gives the tools to manage and organize them with targeted distinction. Users can tailor marketing emails to certain select customer segments. Customers and contacts can be grouped together and organized with customized settings.

Act! Connect
One of the latest Act! upgrades available to subscribers is Act! Connect, which allows users to set up connections with popular business apps like Outlook®, Slack, PayPal®, Wufoo™, QuickBooks Online, and more. And with the newly released Act! Connect Link, Premium subscribers using the desktop version of Act! can use Act! Connect without having to set up a separate web server. this makes integration with other helpful business apps simple, which means a more centralized and streamlined workflow. With Act! Connect, every organization has more ability to customize its systems, according to their specific needs.

Remembering Tasks and Duties
Efficiently organize tasks and duties each day within the same centralized system. Manage the settings to customize prioritized tasks and duties, and automate things like follow-ups, meetings, calls, emails, and reminders for future events.Set reminders and manage from a feature-rich central dashboard interface, whether online or offline (offline changes are synced once online again).

Act! CRM software wouldn't be the #1 best-selling Customer & Contact Manager - if it wasn't helping users remember tasks and duties well. Indeed, the organizational ability Act! gives its users makes day-to-day workflow more efficient and productive. Automated processes and formulated best practices can be customize in order to guide and streamline workflow processes for optimal productivity.

Business Insights 
In order to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, prioritize hot leads, and gain valuable business insights for effective strategies - users need critical business metrics to assess the organization's overall progress, or measure an individual, team, or segment of the organization. CRM reporting from Act! Premium is an important tool for organizations to manage related workflow processes.

Organizations will benefit from using Act! Premium because it offers a central and unified location for collaboration with their workforce and contacts. Email, social media, and mobile communication channels are accessed through the dashboard interface and the expanded business app integration platform. This gives organizations the ability to customize their communication channels to fir their needs.

Every business uses a system to organize and manage their contacts and customers. The question then becomes: is it time to upgrade this system for efficiency and expanded capabilities? Many have answered this question by becoming subscribers to Act! CRM software. At a certain stage of organizational growth, upgrading CRM systems becomes key to future growth.

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