CRM: More than Contact Management

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Your relationship with your customers is the most important element of your business. You may have a great product or service and you’re likely selling it at a competitive price. However, if you don’t have a quality CRM tool at your disposal, your business is likely to suffer.

This is because, while everyone wants to get the best deals on the things they buy, they generally just want to be treated like human beings. What do I mean by this? They want their requests and complaints to be taken into consideration. They want to know that their opinion matters to you. They want to be heard.

Here are a couple suggestions to make sure that you’re utilizing your CRM to foster an environment that creates a positive customer experience:

Customer Service Training

Customer service training is important for all employees who are going to be interacting with customers. Even if certain employees rarely deal with customers, such as those in the accounting department, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that they are also up to speed on your standards for dealing with customers. You want to deliver a cohesive experience, no matter who your customer interacts with at your company.

When providing this training, you need to make sure that your employees learn how to listen actively. Sometimes, you have to use your own creativity to understand what the customer wants. After all, your employee is going to be familiar with all the product specifications while the customer isn’t. So the employee needs to listen to what the customer wants but also use their own expertise to provide the customer with what they need.

Another basic component of customer service is being patient. Sometimes, you might be able to help a customer right away. Maybe this is because the customer knows what they want or because they can correctly identify what they are having trouble with. Sometimes, however, a customer may have a genuine need but they don’t know exactly what they want. In this case, it’s important to be patient and ask questions to try and understand how you can help that person.

Having a CRM tool allows your employees to add notes to the customer’s contact, not only to keep an accurate record of the interactions between your company and that customer, but to better prepare the next person they interact with should another issue arise in the future.

Staying in Touch

It’s not only important to provide the best possible service to all the customers who come looking for it. You also have to follow up and make sure that they’re satisfied with their purchase or the service they received. You can also follow up to let them know about special offers they might be interested in based off their previous purchases – which you can easily access because of your CRM, or if you have their birthday, you can email them coupons around that time of year. Use every possible reason that you can to stay in touch with your customers, either via email, social channels or direct mail. You can even ask them which method they prefer.

Another great way of spreading the word about what’s going on with your company is by using social media and blogs. Updating your web presence continuously helps drive traffic to your website and lets people know about the latest innovations or developments in your business.

Follow these simple suggestions and you’re sure to provide a positive customer experience that keeps them coming back time and time again.

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