4 Tips to Overcome Email Writer's Block

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Why is writing an email so hard?

We write and send emails to individual clients and prospects every day, but when it comes to sending a mass email to our contacts we often come down with writers block. We know it’s easy to do email marketing in Act!, but somehow it can seem overwhelming or even scary when it’s time to do a large email campaign.

Here are 4 tips to help you get that tough-to-write email out each month:

Tip #1 - Schedule time in your calendar every month
Book a one or two-hour meeting with yourself in your calendar. You can use Act! to set a recurring meeting so it's scheduled for the same time every month. By scheduling the time in your company’s Act! calendar it shows everyone in your team that you are committed to getting that email send done each month. They’ll also know not to schedule anything else for you during that time, giving you that un-interrupted time to focus on writing your email. If you treat this block of time as being as important as any client meeting, you’ll be able to enter the mindset of turning up to get the job done. 

Tip #2 - Reduce the size of your target audience

Writing one email that appeals to every person in your database can be difficult, and you might have some prospective clients you don’t want to overwhelm with too much information, but you also don’t want to treat your existing customers like they don’t know anything. It can be difficult to get the balance right when you try to please everyone. By using the lookup feature in Act! you can select a smaller group of contacts that meets an exact criteria and then craft messaging around the things that are specific to their needs. The ID/Status field in Act! is one field that you can lookup to identify just your ‘Customers’ or ‘Prospects’.

Tip #3 - Write to a friend
Go through the list of contacts that you are planning to email and pick someone who you know about and like. Then, open up a blank email and write to them about the topics you want to discuss in your send, but don’t send it. You’ve just written your draft. Copy that draft into your email template and with a bit of re-formatting you’ll be surprised how quickly you will have completed your email ready to send.

Tip #4 – Get started
Now, it’s time to do Tip #1 and schedule that time in your calendar. Schedule it for a few days from now so you have some time to think about which type of contacts you could target and what information you want to share. Also, try pasting a link to this article in the description to remind you of steps 2 & 3.

Good luck!