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Michelle has been an Act! Certified Consultant since 1999, and an Act! fanatic long before that. Whether implementing an Act! solution for a company with 1 user or 150, the heart of every project is to solve the business need. You can find more by Michelle at

Marketing is meant to drive sales, right?  Sure, that’s one thing marketing does.  Marketing also fosters your brand.  Your brand is so much more than your logo, or your company mission statement.  Your brand is your company’s voice.  It’s the way your customers perceive you, your employees and what you provide.  When you market your brand, do you stand out from the crowd? 

There are several ways Act! helps ensure brand & marketing continuity.  One of the easiest to use and implement is Act! Templates.  They are easy to create, and tie right into the product you would likely use to send that email or document - Microsoft® Office.

Create Act! Templates

Act! Templates have so many marketing benefits. 

  • Consistency – when you use templates, you are making sure your company “voice” is consistent. Sales people all have their own style, and that’s fine, but marketing materials should have a consistent tone and voice. If you are in a highly technical industry, you don’t want a rep taking too casual a tone, or worse yet, misquoting something. And, just the opposite if your brand is hip and edgy. In that case you don’t want your communications to have too formal or stuffy a voice. Creating templates ensures that everyone on the team is upholding the brand.
  • Efficiency – it’s always a little surprising to see how many sales teams draft emails from scratch to go out with each and every proposal they send. Save the time & typing. Create a template for those common correspondences. Go one step further and create a custom menu button to launch the template!
  • Success – one thing we love to ask our Act! clients is, “who is the most successful sales person?” When we find out, a common theme is that the sales person has a formula of what works. Use templates in this way. Create a template based off of communications you know succeed, and give that to your team.

Setting things up

Make sure that Act! is integrated with Microsoft® Word.  (That’s under Tools, then Preferences.  Click the Communications tab, and make sure it’s set to Microsoft Word.)


Now you’re ready to create a template. 

  1. 1. Click Write
  2. 2. Choose New Letter/Email Template
  3. 3. A blank Word document opens
  4. 4. Use the Add Mail Merge Fields pick list to add Act! fields to your template
  5. 5. Type the body of your template (Tip:If you have something already created in Word that works, you can simply copy and paste the body of that into your template, then add the mail merge fields to personalize!)
  6. 6. Save your template

The final step, train your team to use the templates.  Engrain them in the marketing process – from proposal cover emails to follow up, templates will help build your brand consistently & efficiently.