Grow and Enrich your Database: Link Act! and SurveyMonkey

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The third installment in our “7 Apps to Connect to Act! using Zapier” series, shows you can use SurveyMonkey to learn more about your contacts, customers, or prospects and grow your database.

Are you curious what your customers, the general public, or even people right in your neighborhood really think of your business? Set up a survey. SurveyMonkey makes it quick and easy, plus it has tons of useful features and targeting options to get answers from the people you’re most interested in – and then automatically adds new SurveyMonkey response contact data to a new contact in Act!.

With connections or “zaps”, Zapier will automatically create new contacts within Act! from new SurveyMonkey respondents. Take this a step further by creating an “Action” to add notes to a contact to create a record of the new contact’s survey responses. Not only are you saving time by creating an automated workflow – you’re making it easy to follow up with prospects and customers with targeted outreach based on their responses, ultimately helping to convert your leads into sales.

Tip: In order for entries to be added to Act!, you must request contact info in the survey.

How It Works

  1. You have a new response in SurveyMonkey
  2. Zapier adds the contact to Act!
  3. Zapier add notes to the contact from SurveyMonkey responses

What You Need

  • Zapier account (free plan allows up to five zaps!)
  • Act! Premium account
  • SurveyMonkey account

Check back next week for the fourth and fifth installments in the Zapier automation series.

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