5 Tips to Build Your Database

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Donna is the author of twelve database and marketing strategy articles published in national magazines. Her goal is to help companies improve business relationships with their customers, improve customer retention, and drive in higher sales growth through CRM best practices. Check out Q2’s solutions specifically for mortgage professionals at www.proassistmarketing.com

There is a fundamental approach expert business strategists agree on; build your business by design, not by accident. In order to provide the highest levels of service to your customers, you must be able to keep track of detailed transactional information, as well as details about their business objectives, changing needs, and even attitudes. Plus, it is imperative to remain in touch with your contacts between transactions. Act! is the # 1 best-selling contact manager that provides all this and more so you can build your database and continually develop your business by design effectively and easily.

Below are 5 tips for building up your Act! database:

  1. Start with the list of business contact names and numbers in your phone and email system. It’s easy to import them into Act! with a few clicks!
  2. Transfer contacts and their information from other systems you use into your Act! database. Easy import is available for Excel and CSV files. There are also services available to import databases form other CRM solutions into Act!. You can transfer information from old fashioned paper files into Act! as well.If data entry sounds too time consuming, hire your kid, one of your friends’ kids, or post the project on local college job boards, Craigslist, or any of the many job sites on the internet. Act! Certified Consultants can also help you with data import requirements.
  3. If you are in any of the financial services industries such as healthcare, real estate, or financial services, gather names, address, email and phone information from your family, friends, work out buddies from the gym, community groups, and more. Simply let them know what you do and ask for their permission to add them to your Act! database so you can send them information from time to time. Start with people you know, then network to get to the people they know! Use Act! on your mobile device to add contacts wherever you are.
  4. Use the Social Media and Relationship tabs in Act! to build your network! Before you start, make sure you have social media pages you are happy with. Facebook and LinkedIn™ pages should be enticing, professional and clear. These sites need to highlight your skills.
  5. Branch Out. Get involved with networking functions and groups. Most cities offer resources and services to connect professionals and business owners in a particular community. Even better is to join groups that you are passionate about and then take opportunities to offer your services, such as veterans assistance groups, hospital volunteer groups, animal rescue groups, bike clubs, book clubs, the list is endless. Add your business partners to Act! so you can follow up, set up strategy meetings, implement marketing and more!