Improve Productivity with the New Act! Web API

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Greg is Chairman and Founder of AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc. Since 1994, AspenTech has worked with over 3,000 clients exceeding 15,000 Act! users in implementing results-driven CRM solutions. AspenTech partners with its clients to fully understand their objectives, then crafts a client-focused, flexible and easy to use solution.

Lightbulb - 1smallWufoo or Formstack, two easy to use web-form apps. Your new form will look the same as the old form, but with the use of the Act! API, when someone clicks submit, the data on the form will go directly into Act!. Voila, a time saving efficient solution!

Now let's take it a step further. What if you wanted a follow-up Call scheduled in Act! once the contact is created? Yes, you can do that too. Are you starting to get interested?

Now back to the definition of an API. An API specifies how software programs can communicate with each other, without the need to write complex code. Even simpler, when two software programs each have an API, there is a straight forward process for getting them to share information.

API: Where To Begin

So now you're asking yourself where do I begin? Fortunately there are tools to help you. One of the easiest to use is a website called Zapier. Zapier is like a clearing house for apps with APIs and they facilitate creating the connections.

In the examples above there were triggers and then actions. With the form, the first trigger was hitting submit and the resulting action was creating a contact in Act!. The second trigger was the creation of the contact in Act!, from the form and the corresponding action was creating the follow-up Call.

To see the Act! API in action, watch AspenTech’s short video demo using Zapier.

Now that your curiosity is piqued, think about your own organization. Do you have data in one location and also need to get it into Act!? Then check out Zapier. There are over 400 apps listed, including: Eventbrite, Basecamp, and SurveyMonkey.

To use the API you will need to have Act! Premium for Web v18.1 installed on your server, or have an Act! Premium Cloud subscription. If you already have Act! Premium v18, then you also own Act! Premium for Web v18. Make sure the web version is installed on your server, following best practices. Installing Act! Premium for Web on your server doesn't change how Act! is installed on your workstations and laptops and you now also gain access to Act! via the web and Act! Premium Mobile via the browser on iOS or Android tablets and smartphones.