Automate your Workflows with Zapier

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Act! Premium Cloud delivers a complete solution to run, manage, and grow their business so you can stay focused on the bottomline. It handles each contact, their activity, and appointment scheduling. Email marketing tools secure new leads, which can be scored and followed up with at recommended times. Mobile access gives you an overview of your pipeline wherever you are, and business workflows keep your processes moving even when you're busy.

As a small business owner there are often not enough hours in the day to get everything done. On top of making sales – you have to complete all of the other administrative tasks required to keep your business afloat. These tasks are often tedious and, until now, manual.

Now, Act! Premium Cloud is fully integrated with Zapier and you can give yourself back time to focus on what matters most by automating workflows between Act! and every other app you use.

Gone are the days spent copying and pasting information from one application to another, with Zapier you can create “Zaps” to do this for you. These be can put together in minutes—no technical skill needed—and let you capture contact information from any app into Act!, or send new contacts you create to other services you use.

Give your copy/paste shortcut keys a break, start automating these tasks with Zapier. Check out the Zap editor here to create zaps that may be unique to your business or get started with these commonly used zaps.