3 Ways to get personal with Act!

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Michelle has been an Act! Certified Consultant since 1999, and an Act! fanatic long before that. Whether implementing an Act! solution for a company with 1 user or 150, the heart of every project is to solve the business need. You can find more by Michelle at www.3LeafCRM.com.

Three Act! tips to strengthen your relationships

At the core, sales and customer service are psychology.  It’s about people and how you make them feel.  If people are comfortable with you, and you make them feel valued, they are inherently more likely to do, and continue to do, business with you. 

Part of that comfort is your customer feeling that you know them.  Not that you just know their account number or how much they spent, but actually know them.  What sports do their kids play?  Where did they vacation last year?  These are all nuggets that help further the bond with your clients. 

If you know me, you know I like horses, red wine, cooking, and time with my family.  Not always in that order, but you get the gist of me if you noted those things.  If I mention them in conversation, I’m comfortable enough with you to chat beyond business.  Our clients mention little tidbits here and there too.  Do you always remember them?  Here are some tips to ensure you do.

Customize to personalize

Fields to capture key information like account numbers and things that make your relationship with your client more efficient are great, but can also serve to capture the information your customer thought important enough to mention.

Many of our custom databases include a Memo field named “Important Info” or “Key Details”.  

Memo Field

A memo field allows you to type editorially.  If your customer mentioned her sons play lacrosse, or that her family’s favorite vacation spot is a great place in the Virginia mountains, jot it in your memo field.  These bits of information are a great way to further your bond, and in turn, loyalty, with your customer. 

Include the Details

We are all busy and juggle many things.  If a client takes the time to mention the Broncos cowboy boots they’re wearing at their wedding, it’s important to them.  Take the moment to jot that in the details of your call history.  When you schedule your call follow-up in Act!, that detail follows the next scheduled Activity on the Details tab.  Customer brownie points when you bring that up!


Schedule the little things

A key training point we hammer home constantly is don’t assume you’ll remember.  Act! is a wonderful virtual assistant if you use it.  Don’t just schedule follow up calls or meetings to get contracts signed.  Schedule, or better yet, AUTOMATE an email to say happy birthday.  Just touch base from time-to-time.  If the only time your client hears from you is when you want their money, that will eventually be how they associate you – a cost. 

The key is to allow Act! to help you manage your relationships.  And, not only your transactional or contractual relationships, we mean the actual human part.  Build and rely on your database to capture the things important to your customers.  If you use  the tools in your Act! database as a reminder to connect with your customer on a human level, you’ll build stronger, more loyal customer relationships.