Tracking Incoming and Outgoing Calls in Act!

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Cynthia Thomas is the principal at Range CRM Consulting, located in the inter-mountain west, implements contact management software in companies to improve internal organization, facilitate better communication between associates and outside business, and provide a more automated foundation to run business, leading to increased sales.

Let's say a landscape company wants to track details of recurring calls, especially the stage of the relationship with their customers. Here’s how they'd use Act! to do this:

The Challenge: With rotating call operators, the landscape company needs a script available next to the data fields in their Act! database so operators can follow through with specific customer discussions as they input data into Act!. Plus, since any of one of the 20 at the landscape company answers the phones, they need to standardize the language used by the operators and have it easily seen in the same place as they fill in the data fields of their customer database.

The goal is to have the operators ask specific questions, discuss options and fill in the data fields, keeping the historical data intact while adding new data.

The Solution: Act! enables customization on the existing Contact Record field layout and can be customized further with an inexpensive add-on app.

Customized text can be embedded on the native Act! layout and on the custom tabs corresponding to each data field. This way any operator can click the record, read the sentences and fill in the data accordingly, while on the phone with the customer. Completed in a standardized fashion, this enables management to follow each customer service project in detail.

More complex customization of Act! can be achieve through custom scripting, such as when one tab had its fields completed and another tab pops up automatically for follow-up information with Call Backs set on the calendar for any operator. In addition, custom fields can be created to automatically calculate crew hours on each project.

The Result: No matter who takes the calls, operators engage in discussions and easily and effectively capture necessary data.

With the implementation of native and add-on app customization this landscape company is efficiently trimming everyone's To Do list.