How to View Different Act! Screens at the Same Time

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President and founder of Training Solutions, Cindy Kool is a software training veteran since 1990. As an Act! Certified Consultant, Premier Trainer and Platinum Partner, Cindy believes in providing the best customer experience possible delivering one-on-one instruction, large group training, customizing databases, mobile solutions, system deployment and integrating Act! with other software.

One neat, but little known Act! feature is setting up your monitor to show different screens. It’s an awesome way to organize your desktop, as well as your thoughts, as you go through your work day.

For example, here are the screens you can view simultaneously:

    Keep the opportunities you're working on in front of you so they aren't forgotten

    Contact Detail
    Quick and easy access to your contacts means making phone calls or sending emails in a snap

    Stay on task with your calendar schedule always right in front of you (no more appointments or tasks falling through the cracks)

    Contact List
    Keep an eye on growing your business when your Prospect List is at your fingertips to remind who you need to reach out to

How do you DO that?! Follow these 3 simple steps:    

  1. In Act!, click Tools, Preferences, Startup Tab
  2. Check "Open each view in its own window"
  3. Click the Window menu item then select Tile Horizontal