Redesigning the Activity Card in Act! Cloud

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The next release of Act! Cloud will bring you a big update to one of the cornerstones in our suite of productivity tools: Activity Cards. These let you track your past and future meetings, calls, emails, transactions, and notes.

Activity Cards used to focus on scheduling follow-ups, but we discovered that our users would benefit from a broader, more accessible scope. Scheduling follow-ups was easy, but marking an activity as “complete” and adding new notes to the Notes section was a bit of a struggle.

In addition, the contacts involved with the activity were a static first and last name and there was no context to which contact profile they belonged to (I know a couple Brian Johnsons!).

Old Activity Card

We took the opportunity not only to improve on the points above, but arranged the hierarchy of information with in-context actions to help you better work through each card. After a few weeks of many exploratory drafts and designs, we bring you the new responsive layout:

New Activity Card

Here are the highlights:

Find What You Need
With an improved hierarchy of information and visual space, you can easily scan the important details of the activity - date, time, and details – and the contacts involved next to their profile photo.

Put a Face to the Name
Quickly call or email each contact from this view and pull up their contact card for easy access to their full profile.

Activities are marked complete automatically once the activity’s date and time are in the past. If you ended up having an impromptu meeting sooner than later, Mark Complete can be clicked right from the card (see screenshots of “Completed” below).

Take Note
Adding notes to the card is as easy as clicking the Add Note button in the Notes section, instead of having to scroll up in some cases and click Edit in order to complete the same task.

Completed Activity Card at additional responsive breakpoints.

We would love to hear your feedback!