Multi-user Features Now Available in Act! Cloud Essentials

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We’re excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated multi-user features in Act! Cloud Essentials. This multi-user option allows the account owner to bring their team members together on one platform to manage their contacts, email marketing campaigns, and to schedule activities.

Act! Cloud Essentials allows you to create groups and assign users to them so that your team members can follow up with contacts and record interaction history. By having a unique group for specific users, account owners have visibility into where their team members are at any given point in their communication streams with their customers. Any updates an individual user makes to a contact record can be viewed by the entire group, preventing multiple users from following up with the same lead.


Don’t want multiple users to send email campaigns to contacts? Act! Cloud Essentials now provides the added comfort to account owners of selecting which users can and cannot send email marketing campaigns to customers, and by designating a monthly contact send limit. Additionally, account owners have the ability to manage when a user status needs to be activated, deactivated, or reactivated.


Another added benefit—multi-user enhancements allow you to schedule a call, a meeting, or make a quick note of a task you want accomplished by adding it to the Agenda. Need to monitor customer interaction? Account owners can view where in the sales cycle each contact is, as well as all past activity. This is great way to keep team members accountable for projects or timelines they have committed to.

With each release Act! Cloud Essentials is adding and updating features needed by business owners. We would love to hear how Act! Cloud Essentials is helping your business! Please visit our community and tell us what you think.